Download Puppy Reservation Form

Name:___________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City:____________ State:__________ Zip Code:__________ Preferred Contact Number:________________________ Email Address:_________________________________ 
 Will you be home with the puppy during the first several weeks to ensure a smooth transition? Please provide us a brief description on what your daily routine is like. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________  
If no, please tell us where the puppy will be kept and how long. Also, please provide a description on what the puppy routine will be on a daily basis. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________  
All following questions must be answered, please circle your answer to the following questions. 
 Do you live in an apartment or house?         Apartment.    House.       
 Do you rent?    Yes.   No.  
 If so, does your property owner allow pets? Yes.   No.       
Do you have a yard?    Yes.   No.      
 If so, is it fenced?     Yes.   No. 
Is anyone in your household allergic to pets?  Yes.   No. 
Which will your pet spend most of their time?     Indoors, outdoors, or both?  
Do you currently have a veterinarian that you have used in the past or someone has referred you too? If so, please list clinic name, preferred doctor and a phone number. ____________________________________________________________________________________ __________  
Do you have or will purchase an appropriate size crate for your puppy?  Yes.    No.  
If puppy will not be crate trained please provide information on how they will be trained. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 
 Have you ever house trained a puppy before?          Yes.     No. 
Do you plan to teach your puppy obedience or attend classes?    
Teach he/she at home.          Attend Classes.      

 Do you prefer a male or female? Male.   Female.   
Which type of golden are you looking for? English     or     American   
Color preference:   Light Medium Dark  
Do you have small children, grandchildren or family with children that will grow up    with the golden? If yes, please list ages.   Yes.   No 
. ________________________________________  
Are you willing to abide by a contract that specifies matters related to AKC    registration, health, and general care requirements? Yes.   No. 
 Do you have other pets, or have had past pets? Please list below. 
What are you looking for in a golden retriever?    Show/Breeding.    Family Pet.    
 Is there an upcoming litter we have listed that you prefer?   Yes. No.  
Why do you think a Golden is the right breed for you? _______________________________________________________________  
Will you be able to come out and visit with us when choosing your puppy? If not, tell us what important traits you are looking for in your puppy. ________________________________________________________________________  
Do you have any questions for us? If so, please list below. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________  
As a courtesy to all families on our waiting list, if you find a puppy or decide that now is not the right time for you to get a puppy, will you please email and let us know? ________________ Thank you for considering Hyatts' Goldens.